It should be illegal to describe any kind of porn with the term “teen”, just saying

can we just take a moment to appreciate that my grandad just came on skype like this


Isn’t amazing how people don’t give a shit about misogyny until they can accuse muslims of it in order to justify their islamaphobia?

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There is another side to Glasgow today.
After the rioting by a minority group of unionists in Glasgow’s George Square last night, which shamed and embarrassed our wonderful country, a new scene showed its face today.
Several groups of people have now left over 100 bags with donations for Glasgow’s homeless food banks on George Square under peace flags. This is the Glasgow and Scotland that I know and love.
We will continue fighting for a better country. To bring an end to austerity, to food banks, to immoral, illegal nuclear weapons of mass destruction.


I feel really really heartbroken for Scotland right now


Fuck your BBC. This was not a “party”. This was Loyalist scum inciting violence and riots in our city. Burning Saltires. Nazi Saluting. Spouting homophobic slurs.

How dare you report this is a party. Absolutely shameful.

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its not safe to wear a yes badge in Glasgow tonight, someone has been stabbed and there are literal fascists flooding our streets. the English defence league and orange order are in George square giving nazi salutes and burning Scottish flags. this is what it’s come to a day after the vote, a day after a no vote happening. stay safe all of you.

Why the fuck is this not on the news rn?