Spending the weekend in Bordeaux with a stereotypically French balcony. #luxury

It’s been 7 weeks and I am yet to see a French student cook anything other than omelette or plain pasta with bacon lardons…

Trying to get myself fit/healthy because it’s almost impossible to eat well on a low budget and a very ill-equipped kitchen shared by 30 people, and yesterday I went swimming for the first time in yearrrrs and I felt super unfit because I did 20 lengths and in my pool back home I used to do something like 50… Turns out the pool I was in was actually a 50 metre pool so a lot bigger than what I’m used to, so I actually swam a kilometre yesterday. Well impressed/motivated considering I haven’t exercised properly in months and I haven’t swum in years :)

Fucking hell Gone Girl was so good

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My Friends || Laura Marling

I long for a touch or reminder of us

Rainy Sundays en France are meant for shameless selfies and A+ eyeliner